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11-Jan-2018 17:15

There is a 0 manufacturer's fee for returning a GPS that is anything other than pristine new condition.

Note*: The warranty does not include the glass face.

We have found that it generally takes about a week and a half to possibly 2 weeks all together.

But it is sure better than paying for excessive UPS brokerage fees.

We pay of that, so that you will get the equivalent of the Free shipping that we offer to our US customers. You will notice that the total cost in the shopping cart includes that cost, if you order from this page.

It's more than just a GPS - it's a complete set of tools to help drivers from Rand Mc Nally, the industry leader in mapping and truck routing.

Built specifically for professional drivers, the TND740 is designed to make the professional driver' s trucker's daily life more efficient.

YOU MUST USE PAYPAL CHECKOUT, or you will not be able to enter your Canadian address and your order will be cancelled. Send an email to help We have had so many of our Canadian Truckers ask if we could ship the Rand Mc Nally to Canada, that we decided to look into it. We will fill out the Commercial Invoices in Triplicate and the NAFTACO, (North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin), if needed.

Please give us 2 or 3 days to ship; and then allow 3 to 5 business days to travel.We Save you over , plus we pay for of your original shipping. It is only fair for you to share the cost with us on those occasions where a return is necessary.