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10-Sep-2017 10:55

However, its not a complicated process and we will help you get your compliance done in the most efficient manner.

Our cost is .60/month, which we pass on to merchant without any markup.

Also, it’s not negotiable and the costs are fixed across the board for all merchant services providers and merchants, big or small. Interchange for Visa Signature Preferred is 2.10% 0.10.You ever walked into a dollar store tempted by a big “99 cents store’ sign?Only to find out there is only a section of store with products marked at .99 cents and the rest at much higher? Similarly, the tiered rate quoted by the sales agent is just a teaser rate to get you working with them so they can charge you more on the rest of the interchange categories.These fees are Not marked-up, at least, by us and goes directly to card associations.

Again, just like interchange fees, they are not negotiable!Most commonly, they are split into 3 buckets, each assigned different percentage.