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29-Dec-2017 05:59

From the mid-1930s and until the demise of the network, Mutual ran a highly respected news service accompanied by a variety of popular commentary shows.

During the 1970s, Mutual pioneered the nationwide late night call-in radio show and introduced the country to Larry King.

In the fall of 1936, Mutual lost another of its founding members when WLW departed.

The network, however, was in the midst of a major expansion: the first outside group of stations to sign on with Mutual was John Shepard's Colonial Network with its Boston flagship station, WAAB, and thirteen affiliates around New England.

Now draw up to the fire an' gaze into the embers ...gaaaaze into 'em deep! an' soon ye'll be across the seas, in th' jungle land of Africa ... " WGN contributed the popular comedy series Lum and Abner.

Mutual changed hands frequently in succeeding years—even leaving aside larger-scale acquisitions and mergers, its final direct corporate parent, Westwood One, which purchased Mutual in 1985, was the seventh in a string of new owners that followed General Tire.

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