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I had counselling, which brought up all the other stuff that had happened to me. Pre-Rebekah, Jamie was a talented tearaway known for his temper and his love of late-night benders.

I talked about it and learned to put it in a box and throw away the key.’Jamie responded to Rebekah’s revelation about being abused simply by focusing more on her and his family. Rebekah’s eldest daughter calls him ‘Daddy’; her son calls him ‘Vards’. ‘We both had a lot of trouble in our pasts,’ she says.

‘The British fans were treated appallingly from what I saw with my own eyes and I’m not afraid to say so’), to the rumours of a battle between her and Coleen over their VIP seats (‘total nonsense – we text each other and laugh about stories like that’), the Vardy story is a nonstop rollercoaster, documented at every moment by paparazzi, fan cam or Instagram.

But as plaudits rain down on Jamie (one of the Premier League’s highest-scoring players, he was named player of the season in May and has been one of the few to escape national wrath over England’s humiliating Iceland defeat), slings and arrows have been aimed at his wife from every corner.

‘It’s his family, it’s up to Jamie to explain why – it’s not for me to say.’Ask her to define herself and she answers quickly, ‘A mum.’ Far from fame-hungry, she has three times turned down lucrative offers to star in a reality show.

‘I’ve got enough going on with the kids and looking after Jamie.

It doesn’t bother me at all.’ It turns out she’s not really telling the truth (although she will never admit it), but it also turns out that the truth hasn’t really been told about her. Jamie hovers in the background, wiping kitchen surfaces with a cloth. ‘When we met we made a pact that the past was the past, because we’d both made stupid mistakes [in Jamie’s case, a 2007 conviction for assault], and that this was it for both of us. When she was nine, the family lived on a council estate in Witney, near Oxford. At 15, she took an overdose and then told her mother about the abuse but, according to Rebekah, her mother refused to believe her.

Unusually, she starts to relax when asked the sort of questions most women in her position avoid. Within two years her parents had split up and, Rebekah recalls, ‘That was it. I was this happy kid, but over the next four years everything changed.’ Her mother quickly remarried (the family name changed to Nicholson after Alison wed BBC radio presenter Ian Nicholson) and her daughter rebelled. ‘She said, “Don’t be ridiculous, you are lying.” I’d been naughty for so long she thought I was talking nonsense.’ A matter of months later, Rebekah claims, she was asked to leave the family home at 16.

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‘I did find it really hard,’ she admits, ‘but I couldn’t go on like that. ‘It took a few months before I agreed to go on a date.’For all her detractors, Rebekah does have some very serious admirers, including Karren Brady, Piers Morgan and Jamie’s agent John Morris, who has said he doesn’t believe his client would have had the England call-up if it hadn’t been for her influence.In the past year, the colourful, controversial wife of Leicester City star and people’s player Jamie Vardy – whose astonishing ascent from Sheffield factory worker to Premier League and England player is being turned into a Hollywood film – has won as many column inches as Leicester City’s £30-million hero himself.