Bulk updating multiple columns in oracle internet dating ads

09-Dec-2017 14:15

I understand that I can do this with one row and it work with a nested select statement in an update statement.

When trying to update multiple rows though I believe I'm getting stuck on having to have 60,000 unique key identifiers.

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The following code shows how to chunk through the data in a large table.There is an overhead associated with each context switch between the two engines.If PL/SQL code loops through a collection performing the same DML operation for each item in the collection it is possible to reduce context switches by bulk binding the whole collection to the DML statement in one operation.This is useful for third-party sensors that output voltage or current, as well as calibration of leaf wetness and soil moisture sensors. Pulse scaling allows you to convert data recorded from a third-party pulse output sensor to the actual measurement units.

This is useful for third-party rain gauges, flow meters, etc. The k Wh Assistant uses a pulse series to produce one or more of the following: Energy used per interval (in k Wh), Average Power per interval (in k W), and Usage Cost.

This restriction means that updates and deletes which have to reference inividual columns of the collection in the where clause are still restricted to the collection-per-column approach used in Oracle8i.

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